Friday, October 18, 2013


 We've been getting a lot of rain in Texas lately and I've jumped at the opportunity to wear some sweaters and scarves. My good friend made me this scarf and I've been waiting for colder temperatures to finally get to wear it. Thanks Sam!

 The cardigan and the wedges are from Target. The owl necklace is from Forever21. The top was given to me by my sister. The skirt is from JcPenney. The glasses were thrifted.

 I'm definitely happy to be experiencing a little bit more fall weather lately. I'm a big fan of rainy days and cold weather so this has just been perfect!

 I do have to admit a huge part of my love for this time of year may actually due to the fact that 
I just love boots and scarves. And soup, and pie, and sweaters that hide stuffed bellies.

 Until Next Time,

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