Friday, August 9, 2013

The Yellow Dress

 I was never a yellow person. Growing up yellow was always my least favorite color. Maybe it's because it reminded me of bananas and I never was a banana person either. Now that I'm older I've realized that yellow, and bananas aren't all that bad. Actually yellow has become one of my favorite colors. This dress is definitely one of my favorites, the bow-tie neck and the color just make me feel feminine and cheery. Just to top it all off I threw on my oxfords from target and some maiden braids.

 The cardigan was purchased from target a few years ago. The belt is my favorite thrifted belt. The socks were stolen from my husband. :)

 I have to admit that while styling this outfit I kept trying to add layers. I'm so ready for fall. I've just always been more of a fall person (which is really hard when you live in Texas), and this dress has a lot of potential for fall colors and layers.

 Today it got up to 106 degrees here in Austin, so I guess adding a cardigan on top of this dress was just wishful thinking (which is why I'm not even wearing it in most of these pictures).  
Anyone else sick of summer?


  1. Love the teal and mustard, my favorite colors! I never liked yellow nor mustard yellow growing up, but I have several yellow clothing pieces I gravitate to. I cannot wait for fall!

  2. maybe yellow is just a "grown up" color, :P who knows?