Thursday, June 13, 2013

My (mostly thrifted) globe collection

 I've mentioned my personal globe collection on HelloNovember a couple times before now, but I don't know that I've dedicated a post to them only so, here is a post to show my globes.
 I decided to begin my collection after admiring my grandmother's collection as well as several on pinterest and in the blog world. Globes are just cool, they add that little something to a room it's added to as decor, and they are practical to use a reference tool especially if you have little ones.
 I was lucky enough to find my first three globes while thrifting at goodwill. The first three were all full sized, blue globes. I don't think I spent more than $4.99 on any of them. Even luckier than that, one of them was actually vintage! ( it still says ussr on it!).
I received two medium sized globes and one small yellow bookend globe as wedding presents last year and was more than happy to add them to my collection.

After having little luck in finding a new globe while thirfting I finally caved and purchased my last globe from World Market. 


 I love collecting globes and finding cool new ones while thrifting is a pretty awesome feeling. What do you collect? Do you own your own globe?

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