Thursday, October 11, 2012

1. This is part of the wall arrangement I've been working on in our living room. The large painting is from my parents, The small framed painting is thrifted, the A was a diy inspired by pinterest, and the little heart is a spray painted valentines tin. :)
2. Some firewood and my matching shoes!
3. Murray has discovered the joys of sun bathing.
4. A thrifted butterfly wall hanging that reminds me of my mom.
5. some flour-less peanut butter cookies that were quite the hit.
6. An owl painting I finished last year but never shared.
7. Some pretty sweet smelling trees. 
8. a vintage coffee tin I thrifted.
9. my growing globe collection that was recently moved to our bedroom. 

These are all just snapshots from daily life. I made it a goal to try to take more pictures and really document the little things that make life so great. It may sound silly but instagram is really helpful in helping to create pretty pictures from almost any picture you take. I like to challenge myself to be a little more inspire by the world around me and it really helps me to appreciate the little things. 

What inspires you?

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