Friday, October 19, 2012

DIY Autumn Owl Garland

It's no secret that I like owls, and as luck would have it they just so happen to be really great fall decor along with pumpkins and pretty autumn leaves. I've put together a really simple DIY project using household items to bring this cute fall decor into your home!
This would also be a great project for kids :)

What you will need:
1. Toliet paper rolls
 (I used 7 in my garland, but you can add or subtract based on how long you want your garland to be, mine is about 4ft long).
2. a hole punch (the single kind, not three ring)
3. scissors
4. marker
5. yarn or ribbon
(construction paper, stickers, or extra pom poms for your garland could also be fun additions)

1. Begin with a regular toliet paper roll (you can also use paper towel rolls cut in half)
2. using your thumb put a dent in the middle of the roll till the side make two points
3. make another dent on the other side of the roll on top of the previous one to shape your owl's head
4 &5. unfold your owl and grab your hole punch, use it to make a hole on either side of the owl's head using the points as reference
6. decorate your owl using whatever materials you have, ribbon, construction paper or even wrapping paper would work. Then draw on the details like the eyes, beak and wings.
7. string your owls together by threading your yarn or ribbon through the punched out holes.
8. hang your garland, space out your owls, and enjoy.
I hope you enjoyed this easy little diy!


  1. Now i need to collect my toliet paper rolls! :D

  2. it took me forever to collect them, but it's a great use for something that normally gets tossed it the trash! :)