Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Pregnancy Update

If you follow me on instagram you probably already saw that I'm going to be induced on Feb. 10th and will probably give birth on the 11th. That means I have very little time left before this kiddo arrives. So since I wont be pregnant much longer I figured I'd better get what will most likely be my last pregnancy update posted. So here's a little round up of what's been going on with my pregnancy the last couple of weeks.

 After failing my initial blood glucose test I had to do a three hour test. Fun times. 

8 months pregnant.

Around 8 months.

33 weeks pregnant.

around 34 weeks pregnant.

34 weeks.

35 weeks pregnant.

Ultrasound from 36 weeks. A little glimpse at Hunter's face <3

An attractive shot of me during the 36 week non stress test. Fun stuff.

Around 36 weeks,

9 months pregnant!

A little grouping of all of my ultrasounds so far. Crazy how much this kiddo has grown. 

 I mentioned above that I'm being induced on February tenth. I'm being induced due to my gestational diabetes. I've been taking medication to try to control my blood sugar better, but my body isn't responding as well as my doctor would have hoped so because of this I'm going to be induced to protect Hunter's health, I was a little shocked when discussing this with my doctor because the original due date was February 25th so I thought I'd have two more weeks, but I'm so excited to meet Hunter. I'm doing everything I can to prepare, but I'm very anxious! I'm hoping to post a few more times before giving birth, and hopefully I'll have a few posts scheduled for you all while I take a little break from the blog. I do still plan on updating on instagram so if you're interested in seeing what's going on with my little family check in there :)

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