Friday, September 12, 2014

Fall Traditions ( & New Hair)

I updated my hair for fall a few days ago by adding in some low lights. I love changing my hair with the seasons, and with autumn just around the corner I decided I needed to darken my locks up a little bit. I think I may have to do another round of low lights in a slightly darker shade that matches my roots a little bit better however, because the difference is still rather noticeable. I'm happy with the results though and I feel like my hair is somewhat refreshed and more autumn friendly now. I'm really excited to be a brunette again. My hair is naturally an ashy brown so this is the closest to natural my hair has been in quite some time, and it feels good. I've been dyeing my hair for years now, and part of me would love to give it a rest and let me hair just grow out naturally but the other part of me gets bored so easily and is incredibly impulsive. Sigh...

That's enough about my hair. What I really would like to discuss today is Fall traditions. Not your usual assortment like celebrating holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving, although I love doing that too. What I mean is all the little things you do throughout autumn to make it feel special and unique from the other times of the year. I like decorating my home with pumpkins and baking pies, and snacking on favorite autumn snacks like pumpkin seeds or candy corn. During this time of year I also like to make more soup and take a lot of photos of autumn leaves.

 Hat, Shirt, Boots - Target
Jeans - Levis 

In Autumn I also tend to wear a lot more warm toned clothing and a lot more plaids.
This year I want to make a few new traditions. I'm hoping to pick out my pumpkin at a pumpkin patch and maybe make some homemade apple cider. What are you hoping to do this fall?

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