Thursday, August 7, 2014

Weaving Project No.3

 It has been a little while since I worked on a new weaving but I was recently inspired to revisit an old project after reading This Weaving Basics Post over on ABM. I have always wanted to add more texture to my weaving projects and I knew I could easily alter an old project and update it to fit my home decor even better. I choose a weaving I have yet to share on the blog and in true form I forgot to take the initial before picture but I think the photos I did take can demonstrate the process anyway. 

I added the bottom fringe first which is around two or three layers of fringe of a multi-colored rather thin yarn and kept the strands kind of long. I trimmed that up and then decided I was satisfied so I moved up the weaving and switched out to a lighter speckled kind of yarn and did another few layers of tassels and then did one layer of cream colored tassels. I trimmed all those to be even and then moved on the to center portion of the next layer and added some long single tassels to two layers in the center and then finally I added a five strand tassel to the center and trimmed the mint yarn into a point.

After that I decided to add wooden beads to the top of my weaving like my last weaving project and I changed out the string it was hanging from for a neutral one. Then I rehung it in my living room in my recently rearranged gallery wall. I love the texture and pop of color it adds to this display.

I love how this project turned out and I feel reinspired to weave again! This has me wanting to make a larger weaving with a LOT of texture :) 
Have you tried to weave yet? what were your results?


  1. I really love your home decor--it's so cute!
    I don't know anything about weaving but it looks lovely.

    Katie |

  2. why thank you :) It's a lot easier than it looks so if you're ever looking for a fun craft it's worth a try!