Thursday, April 24, 2014

Weaving Project No. 2

It isn't unusual for me to want to change up our home decor, it's something that has become a hobby of mine. I am always moving things from room to room and rearranging furniture. I love home decor, it's something I got from my parents who are constantly working on their home and always have a project going on. Since I live in an apartment my projects are sort of limited but I love making my own home decorations whenever I can, and woven wall hangings are one of my favorite projects. For those of you keeping score, that's a win-win.

  I shared some of my weaving projects before, so I hope this doesn't seem too repetitive, but I love how each one is unique and I of course had to try something new this time so I used some twine as my weaving base and added beads to my finished weaving. I am really pleased with how this one came out. It matches my living room decor a lot better than the other woven wall hangings I have made so far, so I'm pleased.

 I used my handmade loom that was fashioned out of an old picture frame, and I'm itching to make a larger version so I can have even bigger woven art pieces, possibly even a handmade rug. Hopefully I can make that happen sometime soon. I would love to have a rug I made myself, how cool would that be?! (in case anyone is curious the chalkboard arrow hanging is from Walmart.)

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