Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Simple Crochet Pot Holder

 This is a project I have been wanting to tackle for a while now. Crocheting a pot holder really doesn't seem like it would be so difficult but I've struggled with it. The trouble has been that I've tried doing variations of granny square pot holders and there are just too many holes. The holes in the pattern leave hot pans exposed so they are only useful trivets. This time around I just crocheted simple double crochet stitches, 28 across, and about 15 stitches tall. I simply crochet to one end, flip it and go back across.

 To create to cable knit look I just crocheted into only one side of the stitch and repeated this method for the whole pot holder. To make sure the pot holder was thick enough I crocheted Two 28(w) by 15(h) swatches and attached them with a slip stitch all the way around.

I'm pretty happy with how my crocheted pot holder came out and I can't wait to make a few more. This project would be so easy to make in different colors and even designs to suit anyone's taste. I think black and white striped pot holders would be perfect! Maybe next time.

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