Friday, August 29, 2014

Ending August

August may have been the quickest month so far this year, but this time I really don't mind. August was never one of my favorite months, possibly because I associate it with the heat of summer, and this year more than ever I am excited for autumn. Autumn has always been my favorite season and after another sweltering Texas summer I am more than ready for cooler temperatures. Lucky for me it has been overcast enough for me to pretend fall has arrived a little early.

 Early fall is my favorite time to mix and match my favorite pieces from summer and fall. For this outfit I paired light layers with my summer sandals. Layering is the key element I like to use to transition my summer wardrobe staples into fall. As the temperature drop you can just increase the number of layers and pieces involved.

 Top - Thrifted
Vest and Jeans - Target
Necklace and Sandals - JCP

I think my favorite layering pieces this year are scarves and vests. I'm keeping my eye out for some awesome scarves while thrifting and I might even crochet a few myself soon. 
How do you transition you summer clothes into fall?


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