Friday, June 27, 2014

Ombre Godseye

 Did you ever make godseyes when you were younger? I remember them being really quick and easy to make, and after seeing a few godseye pins floating around my pinterest feed I decided that I should try to revisit this easy project.

 1. For a traditional simple godseye you will need two sticks, popsicle sticks, skewers with flat edeges, whatever, and some yarn or twine. I used some left over bits and decided to go with a ombre pattern. I began by tying the sticks together using my lightest color of yarn, wrap the yarn around the two sticks a few times, then separate them to form an X shape and wrap around with yarn again until the center is somewhat secure. 
2. Begin by pulling the yarn strand underneath your stick, bring the yarn strand over the other side of the stick and then back under. Repeat the wrapping process around each stick, going around in a clockwise motion.

 3.When you finish your first color cut the yarn off leaving a little bit a the end. make a small knot around your stick and align the remainder of yarn with the stick.
4. Tie on the new yarn, slightly darker color yarn, and wrap over the little yarn that is remaining from before. Repeat the process from step two.

 5&6.  Continue wrapping with the progressing darker colors of yarn until you reach the end of your sticks.
 & that's it. You can try wrapping the yarn in different ways to try to create more designs in your godseye if you'd like. The point is to have fun with it. Try using some ribbon along with the yarn to add texture, the possibilities are endless.

I'm pretty happy with how mine came out :) It isn't perfect but that is part of the appeal of handmade projects to me.
I tied on a little extra yarn to hang my ombre godseye in this wall arrangement.
What do you think?
Let me know if you try this easy project, I'd love to see!

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