Saturday, June 28, 2014

Easy Cheese Platter

 I love cheese. So naturally I love a good cheese platter. Although making your own cheese platter seems straight forward enough I thought I would offer a few suggestions to consider when you are making your own cheese platter because it can get a little overwhelming when you try to decide what makes a good pairing.

 Obviously you need cheese, but what kind of cheese? I know some people set rules like having a hard cheese and a soft cheese or something along those lines, but I say choose whatever cheeses you like. We're apparently fans of cheddar as I selected a smoked cheddar and an aged white cheddar as my two main cheese options. I have also added in some slices of summer sausage, and some salami/monzarella bites as two more savory options for my cheese platter as well as some Parmesan infused olives. To balance out the savory flavors I offered some dried cranberries and some slices of a green pear. I like to mix up my cracker options so for this platter I added some buffalo flavored pretzel chips, although I really like bagel chips too :)

Some of my other favorite cheese platter options are pepperoni, nuts, grapes, & fruit salsas.
What are some of your favorite cheese platter options?

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