Wednesday, May 14, 2014

On The Road

 Well the day that I had been counting down to has finally come. I got work over nice and early, and have begun the first leg of our little trip, which involves dropping off the pup and cat for their own little vacation. In the past I have been horrible with keeping up with outfit photos on trips, but I know I'm missing out on some great photo opportunities so I'm trying to make it a point to take more this trip.

 Plus the weather warmed up and it was nice enough to wear a dress with no tights, no cardigan, and sandals. I'm glad the weather came around because I was definitely starting to worry!
There's nothing worse that being super excited for a trip only to have crappy weather the whole time. (knock on wood for me!) Either way I'm determined to make the most out of this time off because it's the first vacation we've had since Christmas.

 I don't have an especially stressful job or anything, but I think life is too short to work all the time, and both me and my husband love to travel. Little trips like this are so nice for recharging and just being able to catch our breath again. I always come back feeling refreshed and inspired, and right now that's exactly what I need.

 I also love road trips, for singing in the car, cruise control, and scenic views. I have waited for this trip for months now, and I'm over the moon that it's finally here. /endrant/.

Hat - H&M
Dress - Thrifted
Sandals - Old Target

What is your favorite thing about roadtrips?


  1. I wish I could pull off a hat like that. You do it very well, though!

  2. thank you! & i'm sure you could. you just gotta believe you can and not worry! ;)