Sunday, May 18, 2014

Summer Uniform

 It has quickly come apparent to me that throwing this denim vest over a dress is my new favorite go to look for the summer. It's just too easy and I love how it looks every time. Denim is just SO versatile. I definitely recommend adding a denim piece other than jeans to your wardrobe, whether it be a denim jacket or a vest. They go with nearly everything.

 I also finally go my hands on some aviators (they're an incredibly cheap pair but they do they job and they look cute, so I'm happy), I seriously don't know how I lived without some for so long. I love classic pieces and it doesn't get much more classic or timeless than denim and aviators ;)

 Adding classic and timeless pieces into my wardrobe is something that has been really motivating a lot of my most recent purchases, and I'm sure this will only continue during this summer. I'm really dying to go thrifting again soon to look for more items like these for my summer wardrobe. It seems like it's been ages since I got to scratch that thrifting itch ;)

 Dress - Thrifted
Vest - Target
Sandals - Old Target

What are your go to summer pieces?

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