Friday, April 25, 2014

Differing Shades

 I've never really thought of pairing mint and olive greens together in an outfit because they seem like polar opposites but when I was getting dressed earlier putting the two different shades of green together seemed to make so much sense. And surprisingly I really like how this outfit turned out. Maybe it's just because I kept everything pretty simple overall.

 This outfit is also a testament to me that you should hold on to clothing or accessories if you like them because some things you really can wear year after year. Both these sandals and earrings were purchased from Target as far back as 2005.

Green has always been one of my favorite colors so I guess it makes sense that I would like wearing green pretty much from head to toe. Monochromatic looks aren't really anything new though, chambray with denim is a really popular monochromatic pairing, and I think a peach and coral version of this outfit would look great as well. It just depends on your color preference.

 Like I said I really ended up liking this pairing and would definitely like to try wearing mint and olive together more often this spring and summer to add so more color into my closet.
 Do you like this pairing? Would you wear a monochromatic outfit similar to mine?

Earrings - Old Target
Top - JCP
Pants - JCP
Sandals - Old Target


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