Saturday, March 15, 2014

Lighter Layers

For 2014 I wanted to make it a point to take more outfit photos outdoors and try to add some variety to the locations but until now the weather hasn't really cooperated. These are taken just outside our apartment, and as you can tell it still isn't quite spring but when my husband suggested taking a few pictures outside I figured the change of scenery couldn't hurt especially since it was finally warm enough.

 Things around here have been moving really quickly, and my husband has been even more busy with work and school than usual, making the days sort of blur together. We welcomed day light savings time because it means longer days and maybe just a little more time to catch our breath before the next day begins.

 I think it's actually spring break for most schools around here so I think that's another reason why I've set my sights on spring time. This teal floral dress always makes me think of spring so I decided to wear it, layered with this lacey peplum top, both from JCP. I also had to wear some sandals, these are a super old pair from payless that I really need to replace. 
The hat of course is from Target and the belt is thrifted. 

 I've always thought of myself as more of a fall person but this year I am super excited for spring time. I have so many dresses I can't wait to wear without tights too. For once spring has me inspired, and so of course it is taking it's time getting here.

 Are you more a fan of spring or fall? They seem to always be rather polarizing seasons. I still can't decided but I do know that I like winter least. 


  1. I'm loving the warmer weather! OH and i love dresses with pockets even more! I am a autumn person for sure, but I too am so excited for spring this year! I think it's because I miss all the flowers and wearing dresses ;)

  2. i'm with you on the flowers and dresses, those are definitely two of my favorite things about spring, that and all the Easter candy ;)