Monday, February 3, 2014

A Little Bit of Home

Well it's Monday again. I don't know where the weekend went, it was definitely a quick one!
Today I have decided to share a glimpse at my living room decor. I'm constantly showing you all items that I find while thrifting, but I don't always show you how I style them in my home.

I love putting thrifted decor in my home for SO many reasons. I obviously love thrifting because more often than not it is less expensive than purchasing a new piece of home decor or furniture. I also love the thrill of the hunt, when you have to search and search to find that perfect piece for your living room, it has that story attached to it, and that meaning behind it can make it much more special. Of course another great reason to thrift items to decorate your home with is the fact that you're home will be wholly unique. You won't have to worry that your home decor will be too cookie cutter. When you thrift items and use second hand items in your home you're able to add history, character, and charm.

The only issue that I've come across with decorating with thrifted decor is that it challenges you to have a good eye for colors or styles that are cohesive. There are no home decor collections at Goodwill. You simply have to purchase items that have a similar aesthetic. I have definitely learned this through a lot of trial and error. My tip to you if you're interested in incorporating thrifted decor into your home is to figure out your main color palette, and what textures you already have throughout your home and look for pieces that pick up on those colors and textures already present in your space. For example if you use a lot of natural elements like wood, you may want to pass up something made of metal. (most of this is common sense stuff, but when you're thrifting sometimes you see a good deal and you forget that the item on sale isn't really your style.) It can help to save pictures of the various rooms of your home on your phone to reference while you look around.

I hope this post inspired you to thrift more items for your home!

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