Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Easy Does It

It seems like it's been forever since I've shared an outfit post. I got sick a few days ago, but I think I must have caught it right in time, because after two days off of work and lots of rest I felt a whole lot better. Just goes to show you that some times you just have to take it easy.

Anyway, I'm feeling a lot better and am back to share an outfit that is very typical of me lately. Denim and Olive have been my two favorite wardrobe staples, and I've made it a point to own several items of clothing in each color/fabric. Here I'm wearing my denim thrifted dress and these awesome olive colored tights from Target.

 I just love this color combination so much!
 Check out some other ways I've worn olive + denim together:

 This time I decided to wear this white and gold polka dot turban headband from JCP, my brown lace-up boots from Target, and this lunar canvas tote which was given to me by my sister a few years ago.

 What are some of your favorite color combinations?


  1. That tote bag!! I love it, I love it! And your tights and boots are totally cute. I usually just wear jeans and Converse....and I'm a band tee addict. lol

  2. you can't go wrong with a good band tee and converse! :)