Sunday, February 23, 2014

5 Liquid Eyeliners

I have been wanting to do a review of liquid eyeliners for quite some time now because liquid eyeliner is kind of my thing. I wear a cat eye look pretty much every day and it's definitely one I'm very comfortable wearing. I can't remember exactly when I began wearing it, probably my junior or senior year of high school. That's years of trying out and searching for the best drugstore liquid eyeliner out there. Today I gathered up five of the different drugstore liquid eye liners that I've tried to tell each item's strengths and weaknesses. I have a couple different requirements when shopping for liquid eyeliners. First, it must be a matte black. I don't want anything shiny or glittery. Second, it must be easy to apply. I prefer felt tip applicators to brushes. And finally, it shouldn't flake. This one is a no-brainer, no one wants their makeup flaking off. If a liquid eyeliner meets these requirements, then chances are I've tried it. So let me save you some time and money by telling you the pros and cons of these five liquid eyeliners.

1. Maybelline New York Line Stiletto Liquid Eyeliner in Blackest Black
This has a somewhat traditional packaging where the applicator unscrews from the base full of liquid eyeliner. The applicator is a thin felt tipped bush that makes getting thin lines really easy.
My only complaint with this product is that it borders on the shiny side. Other than that this one is a favorite.

2. Prestiege Cosmetics Liquid Eyeliner in Black
This one is not as well known but is one of my favorite Liquid Eyeliners by far. The applicator is simple, like the Maybelline line Stiletto it has a felt tipped brush that unscrews from the base with holds the remaining eyeliner. The brush is slightly larger making thin lines slightly difficult. My favorite thing about this eyeliner is that it is a true matte black that doesn't flake.

3. NYC High Definition Liquid Eyeliner in Black
This eyeliner is a pen type applicator that makes applying the eyeliner super simple with no messes. It is easy to achieve thin lines. I find that the eyeliner must be layered to get full coverage and a matte black. Also the pen seems to dry out rather quickly. This one if one of the more inexpensive products listed here, but you get what you pay for.

4. Almay Intense I-Color Liquid Eyeliner in Black Pearl
I actually decided to try out this liquid eyeliner because it had a coupon. It was one of those pick the products which play up your eye color lines, and this isn't the one for my eye color. I went with it because it was black, which is usually the first thing I double check with eyeliner. What I failed to realize is that the "pearl" part of "black pearl" meant the eyeliner has glitter in it. It's pretty subtle and actually a great eyeliner to have when you want to be a little more playful with your make up, but not what I want for in my everyday look.

5. L'oreal Paris The Infallible Blackbuster Liquid Eyeliner
This is the eyeliner that is currently in my makeup bag. This has the pen style applicator. The eyeliner is both matte and black and has great coverage with one swipe. Best of all it is incredibly easy to apply. I've found that it's easy to achieve both thin and thick lines with the applicator. It's safe to say this is my new favorite.

I hope that these reviews are helpful to any one looking to try out a new liquid eye liner.
I'm not sure if my hunt for the best eyeliner will ever end, but that's okay because I have a lot of fun trying out new ones. I'll be sure to share them again whenever I do ;)

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