Friday, February 21, 2014

Around Here...

 February has been somewhat of a blur. It has gone by so incredibly fast. I have mostly been busy working but I've fit in a lot of thrifting and time with my husband and pets. Mostly I've been getting myself ready for spring. I'm big on spring cleaning and this year I'm trying to make organization a priority.
1. Zane when it "snowed". This dog loves cold weather. He could run outside in it for hours and he'd be one happy pup.
2. Our newest favorite breakfast pastry. 
3. My growing bottle cap collection. I've been trying to focus on adding soda bottle caps lately. I've already have two more that aren't pictured here.
4. A sneak peek at a diy shoe upgrade.
5. My favorite tea at the moment, Chai Green Tea.  SO good!
6. My two boys together. This is a rare photo.
7. So many good things here, BW, Aztec Print, Olive colored pants, and Mocs. Just too good.
8. Close up of a pillow my grandma gave me. The little rounds were sewed by my Great Grandma, and then attached to the pillow by my grandma. It is just so special to me, and so beautiful too.

I hope you're all having a good February so far, it's insane that it's already almost over.

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