Thursday, January 9, 2014

Frosty Florals

 So I know that most of the country right now is experiencing some record breaking low temperatures and ridiculous amounts of snow. It's been unusually cold here in Austin too, but nothing compared to what some people are dealing with. I definitely picked a good time to crochet this cowl, that's for sure!

 The funny thing about cold weather is it makes me crave pastels and muted tones. I decided to take the opportunity to wear this new top I got recently while shopping with my sister. It's from a store called Papaya, most of what I saw there was super trendy but also inexpensive, a great place for trying out new styles. 

 This cardigan is an old favorite from Target, it's no longer available but they always have a great selection of all sorts of cardigans. Most of my cardigan collection is from Target.
The oxfords pictured were also purchased from Target a few years ago. The jeans I got recently from JCP and they've quickly become my favorite pair. The glasses were thrifted.

 I love wearing pastels in winter but I definitely can't wait to wear this shirt a bit more when the weather finally warms up!

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