Friday, January 10, 2014

Thrifted: Polaroid Camera Collection

Happy Friday everyone!
 I'm super excited today because, as you may have noticed, my blog has a brand new look. If you read my blog through a service like bloglovin' you may have to go to my blog directly to notice the changes. I hope this makes the blog both prettier to look at, and easier to navigate.
Now onto your normally scheduled blog post ;)

 My Polaroid camera collection is probably the first thrifted collection I started. I don't quite remember why I first became interested in Polaroid cameras other than that I just liked instant photography. I was probably 13 or 14 and there wasn't fuji instant cameras yet, and I don't think my parents even had a digital camera of their own yet. I remember finding my very first polaroid camera while at a flea market. It was a Polaroid Spectra. I fell in love with it, and so my parents ended up giving me their old Polaroid One Step Flash and my collection was born.

 I was given my youngest camera, a Polaroid One600 as a Christmas present.
I found one more One Step Flash at a garage sale, and was given a third.
I had a growing collection and spent all my extra money on buying film. I used to be so stingy with it, I remember being so picky with what or who I would photograph.

 And just when I had a respectable collection and a fun new hobby the Polaroid Film was discontinued. It was a sad day indeed. You can still find film on ebay, thrifting, or through The Impossible Project. (if you do send some this way!)

 The film being discontinued hasn't really discouraged me from wanting to collect polaroid cameras, if anything it made me love them even more. I was even given a Polaroid Colorpack II to add to my collection by my brother in law recently. Plus I always have all my polariod pictures to look through, like some from when me and Anthony had first started dating.

The funny thing is I used to come across polaroid cameras thrifting a lot. I used to find them almost every time I went into a goodwill, but I rarely find them anymore. I'd love to keep collecting them because there are so so many different kinds. 
Wouldn't mind adding a Barbie Polaroid Camera to my collection.
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  1. Love the new look! Also those cameras are fantastic! I have my dad's Polaroid Impulse, which I haven't used yet because of the film problem. But I got an awesome Pentax k1000 from him that has given me great photos! Great collection :)

  2. Maybe I should just expand my collection to include all analog camera formats. wouldn't mind a pentax myself!