Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Winter Basics

 So I haven't done an outfit post in some time, that wasn't intentional it's just that my photographer (my husband) has been dealing with finals week so he didn't have a lot of extra time to take a ton of outfit pictures, which is pretty understandable. So sorry for the little outfit hiatus.

 I really wanted to share one of the plaid shirts I thrifted during my last big thrifting haul. It looks sort of yellow in these photos but it is actually a beige gingham print. It's really perfect for layering with all different color sweaters because it's neutral. It is also is incredibly comfortable, which is a must in my wardrobe if I'm actually going to wear it.

 I decided to stick with comfort for this outfit but I didn't want to look frumpy so it paired it with girly brown felt thrifted hat,  my skinny jeans from JCP and my favorite brown lace up boots from target to balance the shirt out a bit.

 I wanted to add a little more to make this outfit feel a bit more festive for the holiday season so I added a red scarf my grandma crocheted to give it that Christmas-y feeling.
This outfit was both warm and comfortable. I love adding little details to my outfits to make them a bit more fun.
Do you like to dress for the holidays?


  1. I love that shirt! You always look so comfy and stylish, totally not frumpy!

  2. well thank you, I always feel like my need for comfort can get in the way, it's a fine line I suppose. ;)