Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thrifted Wall Decor

One of my favorite things to look for while thrifting is wall decor. My favorite things to collect are embroideries, pressed flowers and insects, as well as vintage wall hangings. I've shared a few pictures of some wall decor I've thrifted from time to time and I wanted to share a little update here of some of my favorite thrifted wall hangings.

 Most of the wall art I've thrifted has a focus on nature. I love incorporating nature and natural elements into our home decor because I think it is calming. This picture of birds is one of the first wall decor items I ever thrifted, and it has found a place in our apartment ever since then.

 This butterfly postcard was another old thrifted find that I've shared a couple different finds. I love this one, it reminds me of my mom.

 This embroidery is the most recent addition to my wall decor. I think I may have to start collecting floral embroideries, they are just so pretty!
The pressed flowers are a little older, but still a favorite. Pressed flowers is a great way of incorporating nature inside your home :)
Have you thrifted anything cool lately?

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