Friday, December 27, 2013

Roadtrip Wear

I took a few days off from blogging while I was enjoying the holidays and spend some time with family, but now that I'm home I wanted to get back to blogging and share a new outfit post. 
Because I only took pictures of one outfit for my whole vacation.
sorry, but I'm a slacker.

 This is pretty typical of what I try to wear for a road trip. I always try to keep comfort in mind. Jeans are kind of a no brainer for comfort so I just added in a really comfortable top and my new black booties. Completely comfortable, and still (sort of) put together.

 Everything pictured except for the Raybans are from JCP. 
That place has it all you guys, no joke. ;)

 Anyway now that Christmas is over I am looking forward to the New Year. It's crazy that it is already almost 2014. This year went by SO fast. This blog has come a long way in 2013 and that makes me super excited for 2014 too. Anyway, I'm just rambling now. 
I hope you all had a really wonderful holiday season.

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