Saturday, December 28, 2013

Holiday Wrap-Up

 This holiday season I filled my phone up with tons of pictures and I decided to share them here of course. Sorry for the photo dump but, hey what are blogs for, right? 
These aren't really in chronological order but oh well.

 1.Texas Country back roads.
2. Breakfast at Magnolia Pancake Haus in San Antonio

3. The first quilt my grandma ever made, and by far my favorite too.

4. My snoozing gentle giant.
5. My In-law's Christmas Tree

 6. Some bowling balls at the annual Christmas bowling party. Doesn't that one kind of look like a globe?

7. Me and my mom wearing some Antler Headbands :)
8. Some pretty leaves in Houston the day after Christmas

9. Some cabbage in my Grandma's garden

 10. My waffles from Magnolia Pancake Haus. This place is SO delicious. If you're ever in San Antonio you have to go check it out. 
11. Some family photos at my Grandma's house.

12. Mandatory red Starbucks cup picture ;)

There are still so many pictures on Anthony's phone I need to steal but I'm glad I got to share these!
I love Christmas time and I'm just not quite ready to let it go yet.


  1. Looks like a grand time! Merry belated Christmas!

  2. thank you! I hope you had an amazing holiday too ;)