Sunday, December 15, 2013

From Where I Stand

I don't really remember where I came across the concept of "From Where I Stand", but chances are it was either Instagram or Pinterest. The idea is really pretty simple. You take a picture of your feet from where you are standing. This pictures can be used to capture a few different things such as one's outfit, one's shoes, and literally where you are standing. 
These are really fun to look back on after you have begun to collect a few in your phone. I find that I take mine whenever I am taking Zane out so these recent FWIS pictures all have the same background but they're even more special when you have some from when you were at the beach or standing on some snazzy tile. 
I have a lot of fun taking these, and it's actually neat to see them all together here.
I may have to make it a point to take them more often.
Have you ever taken a From Where I Stand photo?
What do you think about this sort of selfie?

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