Saturday, November 16, 2013

Fall 2013 Face Makeup Favorites

A week ago I had some fun sharing my favorite eye make up products for Fall 2013. Today I wanted to come back and share some of my favorite products to use for my overall face. My face make up can vary from day to day but there are a few products that I always come back to. Some days even when I don't feel like going all out with make up I still do a little to my face. It's amazing what some concealer or blush can do to give your skin a little extra glow.

The first part of my skin routine is to use Garnier's BB Cream in Light/Medium. This product is something I used all throughout summer as well as it moisturizes and gives your skin a slightly dewy glow. This item is also great for the days you don't want to wear make up because it also has spf 15 for some skin protection. Sometimes I wear this by itself when I feel like being makeup free but still need a little coverage. I have seen that there is an anti-aging formula and oil-free versions on the market that I'm interested in trying.

The next part of my routine is to conceal. I use concealer under my eyes in a triangle formation and blend unto my cheekbones. I don't have terrible bags but this step really brightens up my skin and highlights my cheekbones as well. The concealer I've been using regularly is Revlon's Photoready Concealer. I like the formula as it is easy to blend and has good coverage as well.

After I apply my concealer the next item I use is foundation. I try to only use it in problem areas and blend with my concealer to give my skin a more natural finish and not look like I've painted on my face. The foundation I've been using lately is Revlon Nearly Nude foundation. This foundation is a sheer coverage foundation and I love that it really does give my skin a natural finish. I loved this foundation during summer but may decide to switch to something with heavier coverage in for winter.

Most days I set my make up with my Covergirl Fresh Complexion pressed powder. This gives my skin a nice matte finish and keeps my foundation and concealer in place. This is pretty much the only powder I bother with. I'm not a huge powder fan as most of them seem to sit on the skin and emphasize wrinkles, I don't notice that effect with this powder, so I'm pretty happy spending my money on it.

I usually finish off my skin make up routine with Covergirl Blush. My favorite shade is Rose Silk but I own several different shades of their blush that I swap in and out of my makeup bag regularly. Covergirl is my go to line for blush hands down. The Rose Silk shade is a nice pink-peach color that looks fresh against my skin. It's been in my make up bag for years.

 The first picture shows me with just face makeup (as described above) with my eyebrows shaped with Rimmel eyebrow pencil and Milani Brow Fix Brow Kit.  The second image is me with full makeup using products described here. I am also wearing one of my favorite lipsticks by Revlon, Primrose.
I'd like to come back and do more posts about some of my favorite makeup items, so if there's anything you're curious about feel free to ask!
What are some of your face make up products you just can't live without? 


  1. I'm not a foundation fan either, I hate having my face look like it has been painted on. The only foundation that seems to blend well on my face is Revlon's ColorStay, but it's a bit heavy and I hate applying it all over my face. it looks like Revlon's Nearly Naked is for a lighter coverage, so I may try that one out! I am curious about the BB cream by Garnier too, that may be a better solution. Thanks girl!

  2. I definitely recommend the Revlon Nearly Nude line. I've used TONS of different foundations of varying coverages and I think this is my favorite foundation for minimal coverage. I've never noticed any harsh make up lines and it blends really well :)