Friday, September 13, 2013

Port Aransas, Texas Pt. 2

While on our trip in Port Aransas we met up with my Anthony's parents and brothers for a little fishing. Despite the fact that I have been visiting Port Aransas since my childhood I had never been out on a boat fishing in the Gulf. It was a fun new experience even though I didn't catch anything. Ha!


Where we were set up there was some shallow water that was covered in shells. While the boys fished me and my mother in law sorted through hermit crabs to find shells that weren't already occupied. There were soo many hermit crabs of all different sizes and pelicans and seagulls everywhere. Watching the wildlife is always one of my favorite parts!

I definitely wouldn't mind returning to see if I can't change my luck. Something about fishing is just relaxing, and even if I fail to catch a fish at least I know I can be entertained watching the others while sipping on some beer and enjoying the scenery.

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