Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Port Aransas, Texas Pt. 1

 Well I told you guys I'd be taking a lot of pictures and I'm going to deliver. This is the first installment of my travel log pictures from my anniversary trip to Port Aransas, Texas. Port Aransas is just outside of Corpus Christi on the Texas Coast. My family has been visiting Port Aransas since before I was born and we've taken a trip there at least once a year since I was born. When me and Anthony were just dating back in 2006 when we were high school juniors, he joined us on this trip and has been going there ever since (In a strange coincidence his family had been taking annual trips to the neighboring Mustang Island since his childhood). It is because of our strong ties to this city that we decided to get married on the beach in Port Aransas just one year ago.

 We decided to return to celebrate our one year anniversary since we had yet to visit the beach so far this summer. As I mentioned in my outfit post it was storming off and on during our visit but we did manage to capture a lot of pictures, what I wasn't able to take during this trip I have supplemented with pictures of Port A from previous years.

 Fins is one of our favorite restaurants in Port Aransas and we always make sure to get lunch there. They have some really amazing coconut shrimp and delicious crab cakes (as well as burgers if seafood isn't your thing).

And we were of course celebrating our anniversary so we had to have some drinks!

We were lucky enough to be able to bring our animals along for the trip and because of that Zane got to visit the beach for the second time. He was so cute playing fetch with a huge walking stick we found on his first visit.

It was so great being able to revisit the city we got married in for our anniversary and we enjoyed some much need relaxation.

I'll be back soon to share part two of our trip to Port Aransas soon!
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