Saturday, September 28, 2013

Orange and Forest Green

I never really considered orange and forest green as a obvious color pairing but it just felt right and also very fall appropriate. I wanted to up the fall factor so I decided to add in this hat I got from target at the beginning of the month, (and also because my hair just wasn't cooperating. gotta love a hat for a bad hair day!)

 I've had this dress for a couple years now and it's been a favorite so much so that it's probably needing to be retired soon. It's from forever 21 and the quality is just not amazing. I may just fix it up and replace the buttons because I really don't want to part with it.
 The cardigan has also been around from a few years but was originally from Target. The shoes were bought from Old Navy a pretty long time ago and the belt is from a different dress.

I really loved this color combination and now I want to add in more forest green pieces into my wardrobe to pair with my other favorite orange items. Green is one of my favorite colors and I love wearing it throughout winter as well. How do you wear green?
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