Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Becoming A Personal Style Blog

So you may have seem this one coming because I have hinted at it and also made a few changes reflecting this shift but I've decided to take the plunge - that is to change HelloNovember from a personal/craft blog to a Personal Style/lifestyle blog. I've wanted to do regular outfit posts since I began this blog back in 2010 but I always found myself making excuses, but I really did want to.
I would do one here or there but then not really like what I posted and discourage myself from it for awhile. This cycle continued until earlier this year. I did a few outfit posts that I felt good about and that I was proud of and I was surprised to see a slight boost in my blog's views. It definitely boosted my confidence about doing outfit and personal style posts and I've been really consistent for a good couple of weeks. This has been a great place to share my crafty side, and I will probably still share some recipes and projects from time to time but I was finding it really difficult to stay inspired, and I didn't want it to feel hard anymore.I love making things and crocheting and painting are still things that I do on a weekly basis, but not blogging about it really takes the pressure off and somehow allows me to feel more creative. Anyway, enough rambling. The content of this blog has been reflecting this for a while now anyway so you may have guessed this yourself. I'm just more excited to publish posts now, so hopefully it is reflected in the quality of what I put on HN. I'm excited to start sharing more outfits and a little bit here and there about my own personal style perspective.
I was also contemplating changing the blog's name, but I haven't quite made up my mind about it. We'll see. Either way I just wanted to thank you all for the support and for just taking time to visit this blog at all. It means a lot!