Friday, August 30, 2013

Mixing Patterns

 This is an outfit post, but I just wanted to point out I changed my hair. I just added some low-lights because I don't want to keep up with the highlights So I did some low-lights at home (with my husband's help of course!). I'm really happy with how they came out and hopefully this means I won't have to keep up with dying my hair for a while. I'm trying to care for it a little bit better while I'm trying to grow it out. And on to my outfit now ;)

 I've always loved how it looks when people mix patterns and somehow don't look like they got dressed in the dark. For the longest time I just couldn't get it down. So instead I just avoided mixing patterns. Somewhere along the way I realized that mixing patterns doesn't have to be difficult, and that maybe all this time I was just over thinking things. So I've come up with a formula of sorts for mixing patterns. The trick is to pair a busy pattern with a more simple pattern and then keep everything else fairly simple. For my simpler pattern I usually opt for something black and white and that makes mixing even more easy.

The shirt is one of my favorite thrifting finds, it is originally from Zara.
The belt is another favorite thrifting find, you, may recognize it from every outfit post I've ever done, pretty much ;) The owl necklace is from Forever21.
The skirt and shoes are both from target, and are both several years old now.
As you may be able to tell I hold onto clothes I like for a while. It's a good way to start building a cohesive closet. (may do a tips and tricks post about this if anyone expresses any interest).

 Do you like mixing patterns? 

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