Wednesday, April 3, 2013

old polaroids

When I was younger my parents gave me my first polaroid camera as a christmas present and I fell in love. I began buying the film whenever possible (the film usually ran around $20 for a measly ten pictures!). Soon enough I began collecting polaroid cameras as well. They were hard to come by, but I somehow managed to collect five. I found one, a sun600, at a garrage sale, then i found a spectra at a flea market, my brother in law gave me one, another sun600, and finally my parents gave me the one they used to use, a onestep flash. I was in love. 

Eventually, as we all know, polaroid film was discontinued. I was pretty devastated, but realized it made all the pictures I had taken previously that much more special. 
These three above are my sister, my brother and I. These pictures are so special to me now, as they capture a moment in time when there was something more than instagram to capture pictures instantly. A simpler time when the picture you took was the one you got. No deleting them and trying again. There's something beautiful about capturing something imperfect just as it was. I love looking through my collection of polaroids and remembering the day a picture was taken.

what makes you feel nostalgic?

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