Thursday, March 14, 2013

making a rug, part one

You may have noticed i took a little break from blogging here. took a vacation real quick, but i'm back now. more details on the trip later ;) today i wanted to share my latest project for my "create" series. I came back from my vacation refreshed and inspired to take on a slightly bigger project. I was browsing around pinterest when I came upon this photo:
 (originally from artsyville)

I had been interested in making a rug and this particular one was a scrap rug that was crocheted by hand. I believe she used cut up t-shirts but i decided to stick with yarn so i could better control the material and so that i could choose the colors :)

obviously the texture of my rug is pretty different from my inspiration photo's but it is still pretty tightly crocheted together. I've been using the links artsyville provided, especially this crocheting for dummies link for reference on crocheting in the round or in a circular motion rather than in a square or rectangular pattern.
 I approached mine by creating an initial 6 chain stitch and joining the chain with a slip stitch. I then created the rug by spiraling consecutive single double crochet stitches. If this is confusing then I would recommend following the tutorial links I referenced!
In almost every pattern I've tried and with this one as well, I did make a few mistakes and a few more alterations, but I like to think that's part of the learning process. 
So far I've worked on this project for around two days off and on, and feel as though it will be completed with at least one more day's worth of crocheting. I haven't decided how to finish it off, but I'll be back to shared the finished project soon!

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