Saturday, February 23, 2013

Owl Painting Number Two

Every now and then I get the urge to paint. I am not a very skilled painter, and I've never taken any classes on painting. It's just something I was always interested in since childhood. I usually use acrylic paint as I find it allows me better control than watercolor or oil based paints. A few months ago I decided to repaint a previous painting I had never been quite satisfied with of a landscape. I decided I wanted to approach painting it in a different manner and settled on painting something more similar to a still life. I chose one of my favorite owl figurines and went to work trying to create something in paint that in someway represented that little owl figurine, at least a little bit. I was pleasantly surprised with how it came out. I decided with this new painting I wanted to create a similar painting so I chose to paint another owl. This owl is a little different from the first, and I'm not entirely sure I'm done working on it, but I decided to share it's journey from the beginning and where it is now. I do think I would like to go back and go over a few details, so I'll most likely be sharing a finished version of it at a later date. 

It's nice to compare the two paintings to see how my techniques and "skills" (if you can call them that ) have changed over a few years. 

what are your favorite hobbies from childhood that have stood the test of time?

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