Tuesday, February 26, 2013

creating food.

 I'm pretty sure everyone is guilty of photographing their food, and so yeah, of course I do it from time to time. I really enjoy cooking and baking. It's one of the things that has really made being married to Anthony so wonderful. We really love cooking together. Most of our registry items had something to do with our kitchen. Lately we've been eating a lot of chicken enchiladas and chicken tortilla soup. They're both recipes we developed on our own from modifying and combining other recipes. It's been another unofficial goal for 2013 to cook more and bake more, and I'm very excited for the spring and summer months to starting grilling and barbequing again! Until then I think we're both pretty obsessed over this Donut Pan after reading this post on A Beautiful Mess. Do you have any recipes you love and keep going back to or any that you're dying to try?

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