Wednesday, February 1, 2012

80. thrifty finds

today's five things is all of my recent thrifting adventures.

1. a photo of my thrifting scores!
2. i couldn't remember if i'd shared my last two owl finds. the two owls on the left were both found at good will, the paper weight owl was 99 cents and the small gray owl was only 79 cents! you can find one like the center owl over at Circus Bear Vintage.
3. this is a wall hanging i found at goodwill for $1.99 it has pretty autumn leaves and cherry blossoms that may be hard to see (sorry for the lighting in my room).
4. i found this cute little hanging at goodwill for 99 cents. it's got cute little kitties and i hung it right above anthony's work desk, i'm sure he appreciates it :)
5. lastly is this little pillow i found for $1.99, i love the mustard color and the geometric shape. i've been keeping my out for circle pillows for crochet projects, and that's what i originally had in mind when i saw it, but it's too darn cute to crochet over, so the hunt goes on.

i also found a cute little gnome to accompany the gnome anthony has. he's much much smaller, but i'm happy to have found him. i've been looking for a friend for the other gnome for quite some time. i found some at hobby lobby but kept hoping i'd spot one at goodwill. luckily it paid off, but i won't hold my breath on spotting another one for a while.

sorry for the lack of posts lately, i've been crocheting a lot lately (working on 3 different blankets with a long list of beanies i'm supposed to be working on) so along with sleeping, eating and work i'm left with little time to write new posts. hopefully that will change soon because i'm eager to share my projects with you all. i feel like my crocheting skills have improved greatly and i'm excited to finish these blankets and start some new and exciting projects.

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