Wednesday, February 15, 2012

81. bits and pieces

 i thrifted this sweater for $4.99. it's mostly brown and a dark aqua color. i've been told that i like weird sweaters, and obviously this one is no exception. it's kind of an over-sized paisley print. weird or not it my new favorite sweater.

this was another thrifting score. around $4.99 as well i think, which is a but expensive as far as thrifted shirts go, but i loved the colors ( it's sort of a light rusty orange and off-white), not to mention the length and the cute bow detail in the back. i've been keeping my eye out for a dress or top with this cut-out bow detail for a while now and haven't found anything (full price or not) until this, so of course i had to buy it.

all in all i haven't had the best of luck thrifting clothing, but every now and then i come across something and it's love at first sight. 

have you thirfted anything amazing lately?


  1. Oh man those shirts are awesome! Nice deal!
    I haven't found anything lately, don't have time for it with classes going on :(

  2. luckily for me, one of these thrift shops was right by my school so i could kill time there between classes. ;)