Thursday, January 12, 2012

79. inspiring interiors

my apartment is a in a constant state of rearranging, restyling and redecorating. lately it seems like a lot of my fellow bloggers have been posting home tours, room tours or just glimpses of their own spaces. it's hard not to draw inspiration from all these crafty and thrifty ladies. here are a few of my favorites posted around the blogging community that serve as inspiration for my little home :)

Amy Morby has an excellent collection of thrifted wall art! She recently purchased that gorgeous wolf embrodiery for a measley $5! & how cute is that owl clock?!

you can't really talk about home decor & thrifting without mentioning Kaylah from The Dainty Squid. Every little peek she shares of her home is pretty much drool worthy. as you can see she has a beautiful collection of thrifted paint by numbers and embroideries, as well as a polaroid collection which puts mine to shame. (she didn't exactly post these recently, but i love her style so i just had to include her in this post!)

Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess recently posted a home tour that was to die for. high lights include this cute display. i adore the vintage coffee container and the little beard print. Elsie has a knack for combining color, pattern, texture and interest in an effortless way whether in her decor or her outfits.

Rachel of Smile and Wave is pretty much the queen of vintage decor. the first photo is her genius solution to an awkward corner between rooms. i love her use of the thermos', type writers and globe to give her mostly neutral color palette a bright pop. plus the seating area looks like the perfect place to read a good book and sip some coffee.
Danielle Thompson of Thompson Family Life uses color without fear. her home is so cheery and bright not to mention packed with vintage treasures. i'm in love with her bedroom setup! 

i hope these images inspire you as well. what interior spaces inspire you?

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