Wednesday, December 7, 2011

74. instagramz

i've obviously been a bad blogger lately as i haven't posted since mid november. my apologies, but as you all know November and December are busy busy months. On top of major holidays there are so many birthday as well. needless to say i don't have a "proper" post for you all, what i do have are snippets of my life over the past few weeks.
 these are my new favorite shoes. anthony bought them for me for my birthday :3
 this was on thanksgiving in the future in-laws' backyard.
 a close up of the pillow i crocheted (i've since improved greatly at crocheting and can't wait to share photos of a project i've been working on, but more on that later!)
 me and anthony on thanksgiving.
 another botched granny square attempt. i promise they're not all that bad!
 pretty autumn leaves found on black friday.
 i consider this awesome owl as my last "thrifty find" i scored him in a crane game! isn't he adorable?!
i'll be back soon to share more info on my latest crocheting adventures and possibly some holiday decor and baking? stay tuned kids!


  1. Wow, those shoes are snazzy! =]
    Love your instagrams!

  2. thank you! your blog is really cute. :)

  3. OH no problem and thank you!! I'm so glad and that sweet comment you left made my morning =]

  4. cutest shoes ever, and i can't believe you won such a cute pillow in a crane game! haha, balllllerrrrr

  5. i am amazed that you can crochet....i am always jealous of people who are talented like that! and a crane game owl pillow? who knew? it's so cute! also, you are gorgeous...that thanksgiving picture is stunning!

  6. i was pretty amazed at seeing the owl in a crane game too! just goes to show there's hidden gems around every corner ;) & thank you for all the lovely compliments, thats so sweet of you!