Thursday, May 12, 2016

Growth Photos

Top left: 11 weeks, top right: 9 weeks, bottom left: 7 weeks, bottom right: 5 weeks

You may remember all the progress pictures I shared while I was pregnant. I took a new picture every week to document my belly growth. I loved watching my pregnancy progress through photos and now that I'm not pregnant I cherish them even more! 

After Hunter was born I decided to continue taking photos every week to document Hunter's growth & I'm SO glad I continued. It's amazing how much babies grow in just a week! I've also been taking progress photos monthly and the changes month to month are huge!

Along with the pictures, I've been documenting changes and milestones Hunter has reached every week too! It's like a digital baby book (that I actually update!). I'm not sure how long I'll continue taking weekly growth pictures but I do plan on taking them monthly for a while! 

I've also been thinking about getting a Groovebook subscription to have everything printed in a photobook together. Eventually! 

How do you document growth in your own life? 


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