Friday, November 6, 2015

Pregnancy Round-up

I've obviously talked a little bit here and there about my pregnancy but other than maternity outfit pictures and our gender reveal I haven't gotten detailed or shared and progress pictures here. I decided to share a few from my instagram feed to document my progress here as well :)
 This is my first sonogram at around seven weeks.

 A side by side comparison of seventeen weeks versus twenty-two weeks.

Baby Hunter's first clothes are from my parent's summer trip to Greece!

Second sonogram at around twelve weeks. Baby hunter was being uncooperative for measurements and doing headstands.

Baby hunter's baby blanket. This is the first granny stripe blanket I've ever made. I'll share more progress and completed photos soon.

Week twenty-three versus week twenty-two.

 From where I stand baby bump addition, around twenty three weeks.

My most recent sonogram at twenty weeks.

It's crazy to think I'm already halfway through my pregnancy and honestly I haven't documented weekly changes nearly as much as I had intended to, but have promised myself to do better from here on out. And although I haven't been as good as I hoped with progress shots I think it's because I've only recently been able to notice changes on a week to week basis and it has me super excited!
I just can't wait to see what this next month has in store!

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