Sunday, August 23, 2015

Maternity Wear

 Top: Target Maternity Wear // Pants: JcPenney // Flats: Target

It's been a while since I've posted anything but I promise I have a good reason this time. I'm three months pregnant! It's been a crazy few months and I've had so much else on my mind that outfit photos were the last thing I was thinking about but I recently picked up a few maternity items for my wardrobe and I knew it would be a fun process to document in outfit photos. I had been feeling a little bit uninspired to get dressed but this pregnancy has me excited and inspired all over again.
 So far I've only gotten a few maternity items but this top is a favorite already. I love the detail on it and it's incredibly comfy which I'm sure I will appreciate more and more in the months to come. I'm trying to be really intentional with what I purchase for my maternity wardrobe and my plan is to stick to my favorite colors, patterns materials ect. This means olive, black, denim, leopard print, gray, cognac, black and white stripes, chambray, and minimal boho touches. I'm excited to be pregnant during my favorite time of year and create this new wardrobe with a concise direction.  

I'm still not sure about how often I'll be posting new outfits but I want to have fun dressing my new figure and sharing my journey here. This will be new territory for me and I think it will also be a fun new chapter for HN. 

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