Friday, April 17, 2015

Networking Sites for Fashion Bloggers

All bloggers know the importance of social networking sites. They bring in new readers and help other bloggers find like minded people with similar aesthetics and style. They are essential for finding your blogging community or niche. I'm here today to share a few of my favorite networking sites for personal style or fashion bloggers.

Pinterest is already one of most well known and used networking sites out there, and that makes it an ideal place for fashion bloggers to share their outfit photos. A lot of my favorite bloggers have boards dedicated to their blogs or personal style photos. I post my own outfit photos to my regular style boards because they get the most traffic and therefore are more likely to help gain traffic to my blog.

Most people already have Instagram accounts so this is another great place to showcase your personal style blog. Try creating a separate account dedicated to you outfit photos and share your outfit photos  often. Use hashtags like #outfit, #ootd, #whatiwore or more specific hashtags to gain even more traffic to your account.

Lookbook is a international website dedicated to personal style and fashion making it the perfect place to showcase your style blog. I've found so many of my favorite blogs through Lookbook so I know firsthand that it is a incredibly useful tool to gaining new traffic to your blog. They're are so many different styles on showcase here so even if you aren't a blogger it's a great place to visit for outfit inspiration.

Chictopia is similar to Lookbook in that it is solely dedicated to showcasing personal style. It's a great website for finding and connecting with your favorite fashion bloggers as well as discovering new blogs. They also have a rewards system that gives you the opportunity to get free items.

Since pretty much everyone has a Facebook page, FB is a great place to introduce non-blog people to your blog. Create a page for your blog and invite friends and family that otherwise might not visit your space to see what your blog is all about.

This style gallery is one of my favorite places to share my outfit pictures. The style represented there is incredibly diverse and so positive. This is a great place to start if you're debating starting a blog or just want to share the occasional outfit photo.

I was invited to join fashion fit recently and was drawn to it because it's such a fresh approach to fashion networking sites. This site helps you find bloggers (or celebrities) with similar body types to yours and the clothes and sizes that look best on them, which is super helpful if you're an online shopper! Be sure to sign up when it goes live in May.

All of these websites are great ways to get connected and showcase your blog, and hopefully even gain some new followers along the way. Joining any of these is a smart move because sharing your content is key in building your blog's audience. If you're already on these sites leave your link in a comment so I can find you!

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