Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Summer Ready

I really can't believe it's June. How are we almost midway through 2014? When did this happen, and how didn't I notice? Has time always moved this fast or does it gain momentum as you age? 
I just really can't believe how quickly May went by. It was a fast month for sure, but I'm really looking forward to this summer.

Some of my goals for this summer are to spend as much time by the pool as I can, grill as much as possible, and just spend a lot of time outside in general. It can get pretty hot in Texas during the summer so I'm determined to get as much out of June as I can ;)

 What are some of your favorite things about summertime?


  1. May absolutely whizzed by! I get so disturbed by the rate time passes. I'm also looking forward to summer though. I expect we will have a lot less sun here in the UK than you but I might still be able to catch a bit of a tan. I love that hat! And the collar is such a pretty detail. Hope you meet your goals! www.prettynostalgia.blogspot.co.uk