Saturday, June 14, 2014

NYC Twistable Intense Lip Color

 I've been wanting to do a post on the NYC Twistable Intense Lip Color pretty much from the day I came across it. It's pretty similar to Revlon version at about half the price. I currently own four shades. 

 The shades pictured are Riverside Rose, Ballroom Blush, South Ferry Berry, and Roosevelt Red.
My two favorite shades are the rose shade and the red shade. 
The rose shade is perfect for everyday wear, but I would say it may be more of an autumn shade (along with the Roosevelt red shade, which I found a tad too dark). The Red shade, South Ferry Berry, is the perfect cool toned red.

 The formula of these "twistable intense lip colors" is that of a lightweight balm type of lipstick. The formula goes on smooth and offers good coverage for a balm type lip color. I'm not a fan of lip color I can feel on my lips and this lip color isn't something I notice while wearing, although I do blot it after I apply. 

They have a variety of shades and I'm sure I'll get another because I love the formula of the product as well as the price. This is my new favorite lip item for the summer.
Have you tried a NYC Twistable Intense Lip Color yet?


  1. Oooh I need to try one of these! I was just shopping around for some full coverage lip color and found the Wet n Wild Mega Last lipsticks to be perfect. I've never tried bright pink, but their Dollhouse Pink is perfect.

  2. I'm pretty impressed with wet n' wild lip products for the price. I'll have to try the mega last lipsticks next :)