Friday, June 6, 2014

Crocheted Slippers

 The other day while trying to brainstorm ideas for new clothing DIY's I remembered the crocheted house slippers I wore around my grandma's house growing up. This is a project I had attempted to do before but never finished, so I knew it would be the perfect project to revisit.

 This is another really simple crochet project that comprised of 6 granny squares per slipper, I joined the squares with a half double crochet stitch all around the squares, including the opening for the foot. The size of your granny squares will depend on the size you want the slippers to be. My granny squares were 3 rounds and were roomy for me (women's size 9) and snug for my husband (men's size 12).
 This is another quick project as well, it took me one day of work ( I crocheted pretty consistently taking a few breaks). I think this is a really great project to make for children or as a homemade gift for someone. Everyone can use a pair of house slippers ;) & of course, you can make them in any combination of colors to suit anyone's taste.

This another quick clothing project that I'm sure I'll be working on again soon. 

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