Sunday, May 4, 2014

May Day

 May is already promising to be a really amazing month. I know we're only a few days in, but as I mentioned in my previous post, I have a whole lot going on this month. I've always like May because it always marked the beginning of summer break from school as a kid, and our annual family vacation to the beach. We still continue that tradition, so naturally I still look forward to May.

In Texas, May also brings also brings us summer weather. It's been consistently warm enough to wear sandals, dresses, and shorts every day of the week. I'm loving every second of this weather! I love getting to layer clothing in cooler months but there is something so exciting just to be able to wear outfits without tights or close-toed shoes.

This denim vest is definitely going to be in regular rotation this summer because it is the perfect accessory to breathe new life into a piece you've worn a hundred times. It looks cute paired up with pretty much every dress in my closet. I'm in love.

These aviators are also my new favorites. I scored them at the local grocery store with a coupon for less than $2. My thrifty nature knows no bounds. I'd been hunting for some aviators and these fit the bill.

Dress - Forever21
Denim Vest - Target (girl's section)
Sandals - Old Target

How is May treating you so far?


  1. Hello!
    First off, I want to say that I really enjoy your blog. I'm nominating it for The Liesbster Award; a community posting that celebrates smaller blogs online. You can see my post on the award, and how you can share yours here: I look forward to seeing your post!

  2. I just love your denim vest! I'm so sad I had to get rid of mine 'cause the fit wasn't right.

  3. thank you Heather for nominating me for the Liebster Award! My post will be coming soon!

    & thanks Rebekah. I had been dying to find one for a long time and finally saw this one in the girl's department at Target. I just got the largest size they had. I know you'll find a great one soon too if you keep your eyes peeled ;)